Thursday, May 21, 2009


As I gaze at wonderful sky above,
I rewind my thoughts, changing the gear to the reverse mode,
I smile and think about the times that just passed by,
Those that I had loved n lived every bit of it.

I look back to know,
I was Happy when you had called
& when we spoke and when we laughed
And when we had talked.

Of all the days that I had loved, laughed and enjoyed
It was the best when you were there by my side..

With You always around my days were so Lovely,
You ran your fingers through my hair so curly
You always made sure that I was alright
There was nothing more I’d needed to make me feel right.

You made me feel ever-so-Beautiful
Made life seem to me as Wonderful!

And whether we often met or we didn’t
I knew You were there for me
To make me feel like Me.

The drizzling drops falling on my face
Crawling my thoughts to the present day,
I realize I’m already in your keen embrace
Making me wish that like this I’d forever lay…


Smriti said...

makes me wnt to cry :(
its soo sweet..

soulful saint said...

the words put down, form a beautiful neckless of surreal beeds, which would hold firm, the innocence from any barnstorming devilry...
Love the last couple of lines. strums, touches and holds my thought for a moment...
Write on!!!

Heartfelt Words :) said...

Awww... Smriti... Thank you...
@ Shri... Thanks so much :)