Saturday, May 29, 2010

With Love..

Under the starlit sky and the moon so warm,

Comes in a cloud just like a storm..

Walking barefoot on the grass so soft,

Pulls in memories from my mind’s loft..

Just then fall a few drops of rain,

Come and crawl the memories of pain..

On the grass as I walk alone,

Joins in a shadow to cut in my lone..

We talk the walk and he makes me smile,

Walking each step like an unending mile..

The feeling so sweet and the words so few,

Just like the raindrops so very few..

It made me strong like never before,

The beautiful moment touched my heart in ways galore.


sooraj said...

nice one...i like

bhuvanmind said...

its awsome and written plain easy to undersatnd..........hey catchmine hope you willl like this also .....

bhuvanmind said...

its awsome memoir written loved the words especially : of walkin alone on grass"
hey wannaread mine poem
i got u from the nextbig idea on facebook