Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The first editorial written by me! It was for the section of Social Relevance fr our College Magazine.

Society – A place where we have been living; where our thoughts were born, kindled and nurtured; a place which forms a part of our identity.

‘A Perfect Bed of Roses’ is what can be said of how today’s society presents itself to be; a platter which seems very pretty and pink from the surface but only the individual knows the smile he has been keeping despite the thorns he has grown through.

Issues of concern such as those of the under-privileged ones, of those who are able yet unable to achieve their ambitions are hardly a fraction of matter of the picturesque of today’s society. There is so much more to deal with, in and around, the place we call ‘ours’.

Thus, taking a step forward, We, The Annual Magazine Committee, are introducing a new section – A section of Social Relevance- to bring to the limelight the haps and mishaps in our surroundings. The articles that form the content of this section in some unique way give a message to each one of us which we hope is rightly discovered.

Thinking lines of today’s youth reflects of what can be done of our society.
By giving birth to a section of social relevance, we aim to create the right awareness amongst today’s youth whose attitude plays a major role in today’s generation.

With due acknowledgement to all those who have contributed towards making this section a meaningful one, we hope the readers have a great time reading the articles.

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