Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unlock the “You” in you …

How often has the sight of those who are partially disabled or the homeless ones struggling to earn their living left you feeling pitiful about them? Families without enough support struggling to educate their children and having prosperous visions about them. If we have to categorize them under the name of ‘The Underprivileged Ones’, the types enlisted may never end. And looking at them what is the first feeling that strikes us back to reality?

Generally, people would thank their stars for they belong to none of these. They accept the fact that they are leading a normal carefree life and enjoying life as it comes and taking up the so-called challenges. Hah! We call these challenges and maybe to quite an extent they are. But what about the situations that these kids have had to face with absolutely no fault of theirs? It wasn’t their fault that they were orphaned. Nor was it theirs when they realized that they can’t enjoy things that children of their age can. Then how is it that most of them are still living? To be true, many-a-times their kind is more cheerful and more optimistic as compared to the privileged ones .

Haven't you ever observed a group of children singing popular songs in our local trains to earn their living? They’ve got music and a bunch of them singing to the best of the tunes thus, managing to get away with a few chillars. It may not mean much to us, but spare a thought for their enthusiasm when they are at work that too passionately with a pitiful smile.

This was just a snippet of the most likely situations in our local trains. Lord alone knows whose fault it was when penury struck their families leaving their entire generation struggling for a mere bread of survival. There might a few kids who know how important education is but even though education is given free there are other things that are not viz. books, uniforms, etc. What could they possibly do if their families can’t or don’t want to support them? Earn while they study? While that may seem to be a practical proposition, it's absolutely back-breaking for a 9 year old to juggle between a job and studies.

There are even others who have everything to support them but don’t have the ability to. Financial background along with people standing by through thick and thin in all means for them but the situation comes to a standstill when they are naturally obstructed to.
We, ourselves, feel completely disheartened and lost when we are unable to do things the way we want to because we are not allowed to and yet we complain about how bad life is. How great we are!
Spare a thought for those who want to be great journalists but their impaired vision prevents them from achieving their dreams? Imagine the plight of someone confined to a wheel-chair who wished to be an ace pilot. Though they are acutely aware that they won’t be able to subjugate their dreams, they continue livin life in a manner more cheerful than most others. A Smile – a kind gesture is what one would always find on their faces! And yes, it works wonders for them.

Doesn’t it plainly mean, that instead of grumbling around our style when we don’t get things we want, we should learn to adapt to at least some kind of simplicity? In a way, we definitely need to salute the peak level of cheerfulness these gems live through and learn to live life with a simpler attitude.

All said and done… May be visits to the social institutes as a part of our curricular Social Studies; hoping that we would earn a few more marks. Even if it is watching a sensitive, heartfelt movie; tears, emotions, pity and everything wrapped around it takes charge of our hearts and minds. But apart from feeling lucky for ourselves, how much do we try to do anything for them? This is not aiming towards the ones who smile at homeless kids on the streets or try to support the underprivileged ones even if it is the least possible manner that they can. But it is towards those who feel that such kids can be a nuisance around their sophisticated surroundings or even those, who always try to think of how they can earn more, enriching their lives with better standards of living, leaving them with no time for ‘others’.

Life is a creative empty web which is up to you how you can make it look attractive and valuable. We only want to fulfill our own desires and seek heavenly pleasures failing which we turn sour and erratic. Most of us forget the reason why we humans exist. Yes, you read me right … humans exits for social indulgence and survival. But at the very crux of it we forget that the underprivileged children or men/ women are an equal part of this social system and they have every right to seek and get the same desires. But only almighty knows the reason for their disability to seek the freedom which they don’t possess but which they can only feel or see. It becomes our duty to indulge in to their life and decorate their web too. Please note that the only way you can add value to your web is by helping and filling joy in people’s life who deserve it but can’t experience it with one’s help.

This plainly reminds me of one of our most circulated sms:
“Be close with someone who makes you happy. But be closer with someone who can’t be happy without you!”

Lucky, we live a normal life and can get more blessed if we contribute anything towards those deserving ones thus, helping them live a meaningful life and making us realize of a contented life.
All in all, it simply brings to my mind what our beloved Mother Teresa once said, “If we cannot love the one whom we see, how can we love God whom we cannot see?”


divzeee said...

keep it up dear :)

Sanila said...

this one is awesome......gr8 job!!!!

Heartfelt Words :) said...

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Smriti said...

honestly.. this is my favourite! i guess its cuz i feel so strongly abou this issue too..
most of us get so caught up in trying to achieve great things that we end up failing to do great things..
and life shud b more abou helping others n changing sum1s life for the better..
i love love looove this one sneha..

Heartfelt Words :) said...

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