Thursday, October 9, 2008


Life is a perfect cycle, of ups and downs,
Changes are many,
Including the one, in the way we use to be;
Time and again.
There would always be more changes,
Only hoping & waiting for the one,
That’s going to bring us together once again.

Thinking of those moments,
when we couldn’t wait to share those, talks with each other.
The sharing of secrets, joys and sorrows, were special moments of those times,
The bond between us was the thickest ever shared;
There was nothing that would break us and keep us apart.

And now!
Those talks are rarely there.
There are no secrets valuable enough, to be shared between us,
There is a whole new change in the company we keep,
There are hardly a few things, that are trying to bring us back together,
It is one of those rare blue moons where we bump into each other.

Life is a perfect cycle of ups and downs,
Time and again, changes are many,
Only waiting for the one ,
That’s bringing us together, once again;
And hoping that would keep us that way,
For ever and always...

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