Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missing You

Just like the Sea
You made my life Gorgeous,
Just like the Horizon
My Love for you seems endless.
But like a leaf in a storm
You got swept away in clam
Wondering where have you been
Only for more nights to dream...
The promise we made to stay
My eyes wait for you at the bay
The Pictures we clicked, the moments we shared,
We never let time go bare…
Just like the Cloudy days
Life is Gloomy without you,
My Cheerfulness disappeared
Just like You
Only with more hope to say
My eye still stares at the bay …
Where did you go?
Where are you now?
Only you and me
We had made a vow….


Heartfelt Words :) said...
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~ a said...


Sounds like someone's in love... one thing I learned from my past experiences... search for the happiness and love within and not externally.. because if you can't be happy / in love with yourself, it's hard for the love with the other person to survive..


Heartfelt Words :) said...

Yeah Ayesha... That's soo true!

Cheers :)