Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Charm of Karma

“Life is often dictated by Karma.” If I have to say that then people around me would say, “What in the blessed hell made you think of that?” However, on the other hand if I have to rephrase the same thing as “Oh Man! I truly believe in that, and love Justin Timberlake’s Song – What goes around, comes around”, I would be looked upon like – Hmm! This girl has a sense of keeping her cool; and possesses a so-called lifestyle of a cool chick, keeping up with the latest trends that there is. However, my point is, why is it that our words, our lifestyles, the way we think; our open heartedness and our behavior count so much when at the end of the day we live for ourselves? Isn’t it because our character determines our trueness? We often get lost in the hustle and bustle of our day to day activities, and in the ever-growing urge to succeed and while giving our best for the same; we fail to set aside some time to analyze the things, we do, and say every minute.

Coming back to (Karma) and the words we mutter about others, our deeds, our line of thoughts and our actions. It all comes back to us at some point or the other in our lifetime. It may or may not take time, but yes, it does come back! If it is compliments that you have given to others then at some point of time you will be the one to be showered with many compliments. If you have spoken ill about others behind their backs (back-bitching) at some point of time, then don’t be surprised if there are things spoken about you in your absence without you realizing it. Weird! But at least some of us would have observed it happening around. “A selfless giver will always receive the most!” Isn’t it true?

Other than Karma, our life is dictated by how one sees one’s journey of life. Stress, Sorrows, Disappointments, Irritation, Frustration, etc, will always be wrapped up along with joys n pleasures of life. How you see life, is the key to manage these things with a sweet smile on your face. If you look at a certain event with a purely negative mind set, then probably not only till the end of the event, but even during its aftermath,; the negative feeling will keep living in your beautiful life. However, if you look at life in a totally optimistic manner, optimism not only takes away our beloved stress and its other alliances, but also empowers us to live on with a different kind of hope and a calm mind to tackle the toughest situations. It is very noticeable that such optimistic persons wear an attitude of “Come What May! I shall give in my best and leave the rest to God!”, and “Wait and observe.” These people are also grouped among the ones who have a happy–go–lucky nature. It’s not like they never go wrong. They do stumble upon the roughest paths of life, but they do not crumble from within. Their Attitude and Faith in God, keeps them going strong.

All in all, it plainly reminds me of how my good friend always signs his mails - ‘Give more to life and life will give you the most.’
True! Isn’t it?


Parag said...

itna lamba nahi hai... padh sakta hoon... ;)

Heartfelt Words :) said...

toh padh kabhi phursat se! n bata kaise laga.... :)