Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The ValuEd Class...

Things change, times change and with the times some thoughts change. There were a lot of things that were taught to us at grass root levels. Mainly, the Value-Education class, the first half an hour was dedicated to valuEd teachings. A time for all the students to catch up on the sleep they had missed early that morning, to complete their home-works, to update their bench partners with what happened the day before or to munch on some half-eaten breakfast.

Proverbs always formed an integral part of this ValuEd class. Many-a-times it was the class monitor’s duty to write one right on top of the blackboard. The famous one was “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A healthy proverb I say! Probably by listening to this one, the kids scared of needles would quietly gulp down an apple for each day. How obedient!

Years passed on and the kids grew up. From grade 1 to grade 7 and further on, each class and each grade, they successfully moved on. And oh ya! Not to forget the healthy habit. And as teenage creeped in, things changed, times changed and some thoughts changed. Value Education class was still there (we had it all through our school life). And students continued their same routine of ‘T.P.’ during this ValuEd class. And with all the changes around, the healthy thought was re-thought to:
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
If the doctor is handsome keep the apple away!”

Or the boys would frame it their way:
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
If the doctor is a babe then keep the apple away!”

Ahemm.. yes! Right! Changes! Isn’t it? Suits the first line of this article right?

More than a decade has passed by, making a lot of us forget about this proverb unless expected to teach it to a toddler. The other day I was just gazing at the wonderful sky and wondering about this thought. And Bingo! I had my version ready. A version which at some point of my life, I’ll have to use it.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
If the doctor is handsome keep the apple away.
Damn the Apple, Damn the Doctor,
Whatever happens sweety you don’t go away!”


Smriti said...

loving the last paragraph! i wish i cud write up something like that :(

soulful saint said...

nicely written. don't mind the apple, but never kind to the doctors.:)

Heartfelt Words :) said...

Hey Thanks :)

Archana said...

Great article.. you put in words the true scene of a value ed class.. I was imagining while reading it.

Heartfelt Words :) said...

Hehe.. yeah archana.. Thanks :)